The Changing World

There was a feeling deep down in my mind that Middle Earth as we know it was changing.  I feared even that it may be the end.  I, Pashraen, gathered in Moria’s 21st Hall with my lover Hesgarlaf, and many many fellow travellers anticipating that this particular chapter in our lives was over.  The people partyed, and joked for many hours.  I stayed for sometime but eventually fell in to a sleep.  I have heard that terrible things were unleashed upon the Halls in those final hours, before the darkness came…….

It has been said that I slept for two, maybe three days.  But soon the light returned to the halls, and gradually…… slowly but surely…… the people returned.  The world feels somewhat different, but nothing has really changed.  It is still a great pleasure to breathe in the air from these lands.  And long may that continue.


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Out of the Darkness…… At Last

Ah, it is so nice to feel fresh air upon my cheek, and for my eyes to have light once more.  I can sit within the trees of Lothlorien and contemplate what seems like many months in the darkness.

I, Pashraen Laiquendie, have returned to my home-land following many hours of toil within the pits of Khazad-dum.  I have trodden virtually every stone that can be trodden, so much so that the dwarf’s there remark on me as “the deep delver” and the “explorer of Khazad-dum”.

So, why would an elf like me spend such a long time in such a confined space of darkness, amongst the fumes of fire and rotting flesh?  Well, I set my heart upon earning sufficient respect with the miners that they would allow me to buy one of their fastest goats.  Such a beautiful creature!  And that honour is now mine.  Its the last time that I will gallop amongst the mazes and caves whilst being knocked off of my ride.  If I do ever return, my new friend Pashgoat will transport me from cavern to cavern at far greater speed.

But that is enough darkness for me for a while.  I shall stay here in Lorien for some time, and enjoy the light.  Once I have recovered I will help my people with the siege of Mirkwood.  I shall do all that I can to bring back the days of Greenwood the Great.

Pashraen Laiquendie

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Stone Love – A Valentines Day Message

To my dear wife Dorralin,

Although a female dwarf is nearly as rare as a boar in Evendim,
I found I was picky,
The search for love tricky,
When a ‘her’ looks so much like a ‘him’

But when I first set sight on your eyes I felt my heart did flutter,
Although I am skilled,
In the metalsmith guild,
My crafters hands they turned to butter

I could never craft such beauty although I am gifted with ores,
If we are made of stone,
Rather than skin and bone,
Well your maker deserves much applause

If I only succeed in achieving one thing during the whole of my life,
The one I love most,
And of which I do boast,
Is the day that I made you my wife

Lots of love this Valentines Day,
Pashrin Skullcrusher

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Stinky Bogs and Smelly Cheese

Pashadan of Lindon here.  I would like to pass on my thanks to my sister Pashraen.  She spent the day gathering ore and slaying all sorts of nameless creatures within the lowest infested depths of moria.  Whilst she earned some renown in the process, it was largely to present me with a gift of gold.  I had commented that I had given away all of my own money, and could not afford to purchase a particular book about bog-guardians that the iron garrison guards had mentioned to me.

With the gold in my hand, I sought the book and studied its contents.  Using my new found summoning skills, I called upon the earth a new bog-guardian, which I lovingly called Pashguarbo.  Even Radaghast would be proud I am sure.  I just wish I could use my powers to reduce its boggy stench!

I was a little over excited about this achievement.  As with all elves, I usually manage to maintain a solemn calm, but on this occasion I could not.  I did however feel somewhat guilty when rushing to tell my sister only to find out that she had been very unwell. 

Now Pashraen is not one to do unwise things.  Far less rash than I.  I did afterall once follow Hesgarlaf in jumping down the well in Moria!  But Pashraen does like to sample the foods throughout middle-earth, with a particular fondness for cheeses.  Apparently, whilst visiting the barrowdowns she came upon a cheese quite unlike one she had seen before.  Placing her immortality at risk, she foolishly ate all of this barrow cheese, and fell very unwell.  She relied on her runestone Pashwell to prevent her from being incapacitated.  Poor thing.  If anyone does not deserve to be named ‘the unwise’ it is most certainly my dear sister!

Thankfully she has now recovered, and was overjoyed by my latest pet.

Pashadan Laiquendie

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Dress, robe and many thanks.

Hello followers Escowyn reporting in.  Yesterday was quite the eventful day. My day started off at Thorins Hall, where I had been to visit the local vault. It was there when I noticed I had mail. I opened the mail excitedly,  I wasn’t expecting anything, what could it be?  To my surprise it was from Daley Uttridge, thanking me for my help, and telling me he had left a parcel for me to collect down in Bree! If you hadn’t heard already, I had helped him out with a little trouble he was having, in his hometown of Frostbluff. The mayor, a very corrupt man, had been making the residents life a misery. I came to Daley (and the rest of the towns) aid by helping uncover his scrupulous goings on. Daley said one day if he could ever repay me he would. It was a kind gesture of him, but I really didn’t think he would be able to manage it, as he and the rest of the Frostbluff families were so very poor. Now his time has come, he seems to thriving on the money front. I am so very glad for him as he is a lovely man.

I left for Bree as quickly as I could and hurried off to find the parcel. He left the parcel in the safe hands of one of his friends. I opened it up and saw the most beautiful dress and robes. Thankyou very much Daley, for your kind and thoughtful gesture.

Escowyn x

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The History of Middle Earth – A Prologue

I felt a sense of achievement when finally managing to complete my scholar studies.  All of a sudden it felt as though the elves of Rivendell held me in much higher esteem.  No longer did I sense that  they were smirking whilst I told tales and sang my ballads of wars of the past.  Of course, most of the elves remember these battles first-hand!

It occurred to me that I should make better use of my recently acquired skills.  Discussions with my hobbit friend Pashbo led to me thirsting for the excitement that a quest with real purpose has.  Not wanting to recreate his journey, I set my mind considering what quest I could undertake that would be both rewarding and make good use of my scholaring.  It was then that I had an idea…….

Why not travel as much of Middle Earth as I am able, and visit the scenes and landmarks of epic battles and important events?  In doing so, not only will I myself witness many great sights, but also I can teach my fellow kin members and any other readers of my journals the key histories of this land.

My project will commence shortly, starting in Ered Luin and the Blue Mountains.  I do hope that you will join me on my travels.

Pashkoi Eyre

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Where has mummy hobbit gone?

Hello friends! It’s me Rubyrae, telling of my latest happenings. I have been so busy farming and cooking, that at first I didn’t notice the strange disappearance of my mummy. I thought she was going off to work very early in the morning, and coming back very late at night. Missing both her first breakfast and her supper! Turns out I was wrong. On day 4 of her disappearance, I found a note under the clock on the mantlepiece, (I really should dust more often, didn’t Mr Baggins have this predicament once?) saying she was staying in Bree for a little while. Apparently off to look for daddy! Poppy seeds! If she finds out about daddy she will not be very happy, for she does not like adven….(well you know the word), of any sort. “I must stop her at once” I thought.

Off I ventured to Bree, racing as fast as I could on my horse. Eventually after alot of asking around, I found her working in the newly opened mess room. Thankfully she was all safe and sound, and still looking for daddy! Mummy was so pleased to see me, she made us both lots of tasty food and poured lots of nice ale, Shire ale I may add. Mummy keeps asking about daddy, and I’ve told her I know nothing. Come back soon daddy. I wonder where he is and what he’s doing?

Hobbity hugs Rubyrae x

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