Of the Legends of Pash

Here is set down a brief history of the people of Middle Earth that are named Pash:


Of Pashkoi Eyre (Man of Bree) – Minstrel and Historian

Pashkoi maintained his reputation from child to man equally for his might in battle and the beauty of his voice.  He is ever eager to perform heroics, and relay both his own exploits and that of his fellow kin members to young and old via song.  His heart is reserved for his elf friend Gwindalon.

Of Pashadan Laiquendie (Elf of Lindon) – Lore Master and Tinker

Separated from his sister Pashraen from a young age, Pashadan remained in Lindon following the great rising of the water.  For many years he remained their, in an effort to prove himself as both a jeweller worthy to challenge the mighty Noldor, of which he is of the same bloodline, but also as a skilled lore master.  On the discovery of the reappearance of the one ring, Pashadan left his homelands to aid the ringbearer in every way that he could, whilst discovering the beauty of Middle Earth.

Of Pashbo Proudfeet (Hobbit, Harfoot) – Burglar and Yeoman

Despite coming from a very respected family, as a young hobbit Pashbo always craved adventure, much to the annoyance of his neighbours.  It was however not until well into his older years that he decided to fulfill his dreams of adventure.

Leaving behind his daughter Rubyrae, and thereafter being shunned by his family, Pashbo set out to follow in the footsteps of his much beloved idol Frodo Baggins.

Of Pashrin Skullcrusher (Dwarf of the Iron Hills) – Guardian and Armourer

Pashrin Skullcrusher is a guardian dwarf from the Iron Hills, and the proud founder of the Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society.  He has earned much renown as a worthy fighter and sound metal smith, but is best known for his (what many believe to be an unhealthy) obsession with Mim, the Petty Dwarf of whom the tales of Turin tell.  Although the tales tell that Mim was the last of the Petty Dwarves, Pashrin has set out on a journey throughout Middle Earth to put an end to this belief.

Of Pashlaf Wolfman (Man of Dale) – Hunter and Woodsman

From humble beginnings as a promising young hunter from Dale, Pashlaf soon rose to local proclaim following his exploits during the battle of the five armies in which he slew 20 goblins despite being a mere boy.  These hunting skills he honed as he travelled Middle Earth, until he had earned renown from Bree to Gondor.

It was in his time at Minas Tirith that he found favour with the Lord Denethor and spent many years in his service.  It was here that he fathered his daughter Melanorwen.  His thirst for adventure however led yo him leaving Gondor to return to the western regions of Eriador to assist the work of the rangers in the wild.  His appearance of youth despite his many years of age gave rise to rumour that he was of dunedain heritage.

Of Pashraen Laiquendie (Elf of Lothlorien) – Rune Keeper and Armsman

Born to Gilgalaran of Lothlorien, Pashraen left the Golden Wood following the death of her mother at the cruel hands of the Orcs of Morgoth to dwell in Rivendell.  It was here that she gave birth to her only son Tarrondor.

The fairest of elves, Pashraen proved her Noldor heritage as she studied the art of fire and forging in equal measure.  Sure to catch the eye of all the passing elvish men, she is adept at the fatidic arts of the runes.

When her lover died at the side of Gilgalad, she swore that she would never love again.  However, in recent times she has fallen for Hesgarlaf of the race of men.  Whilst their adventures have yet to equal that of Beren and Luthien, there is certainly many a tale yet to be told.

Of Pashili Copperbeard (Dwarf of the Blue Mountains) – Champion and Explorer

Pashili Copperbeard has a craving to cleave orc skulls, but enjoys his ale and gambling in equal measure, meaning that an inn is never far from any adventures that he undertakes.

It was due to his love of the white frothy ale that it was claimed that his heir would not share his dark skin colour, but be born as white as the snow of Ered Luin.  There was much mirth amongst the naugrim when his son Korili was born with fair skin, and many an ale was raised in his honour.

Of Pashrid Snakehead (Man of Rohan) – Warden and Explorer

With a small amount of hair, and even smaller amount of patience, Pashrid always believed that he deserved more than the humble beginnings that his upbringing in Rohan presented him.  He tired of the emphasis on horseriding, much preferring hand-to-hand combat, which left him at odds with the rohirrim.  He shunned his fellow kin and travelled to Bree, much to the annoyance of his family, who forbade him to see his young daughter Escowyn.

Escowyn grew up unaware that Pashrid was her father, until a chance meeting at the Prancing Pony in which he drunkenly boasted of his heroic exploits.

Although his ego surpasses his ability, he is a man of much courage and one of whom great adventures lay ahead.

Of Pashomir Brecht (Man of Gondor) – Captain and Explorer

Pashomir left his homeland of Gondor shortly after the birth of his daughter Lilyiel fearing that he was not yet a mighty enough captain to battle the hordes of Sauron that presented an ever threat to the land that he loves.  His aim is to learn his trade more fully through time in the wilderness, before returning to Minas Tirith to defend its gates in true honour.

Of Pashanor Proudfeet (Hobbit, Stoor) – Minstrel

Pashanor is the neglected wife of Pashbo Proudfeet, and mother of Rubyrae.  She works in the Ivy Bush at Bywater, and does not share her husbands love of adventure.  He is often prone to leave her unannounced to go travelling, much to her annoyance.  Her main concern is that young Rubyrae shares her father’s love of questing.

Of Pashehtar Aryon (Man of Gondor) – Guardian and Explorer

Pashehtar’s parents were slaughtered by the Corsairs of Umbar whilst fishing in the Anduin near Cair Andros, whilst he was only days old.  His mother hid the then unnamed child, moments before she was brutally slain.  The abandoned boat was swept towards the lands of Lorien, where by a miracle the baby survived and was found by the elves of the golden wood.

Always quiet and stern as he grew into a young man, the elves called him Quilde.  But as he reached manhood, he was often to be found keeping the surrounding areas free from evil.  He became a fearless warrior, and the elves renamed him Pashehtar.

The love of his life is the elf Envinyata, and he never leaves her side.

Of Pashwyn Shee (Woman of Dale) – Burglar and Explorer

The innocence portrayed in Pashwyn’s childlike gaze fooled many a man of Dale.  She was able to twist them around her little finger, and leave them penniless.  She spent many years in the company of the more wealthy residents of Dale, and picked their pockets and stole their valuables in order to sustain her high living.

Of all ironys, she was undone when framed for a crime that she did not commit by a former “lover”.  She was imprisoned for a time, but used her charms to persuade the jailor to release her on the condition that she would leave Dale and never return.  She was as good as her word, but picked the jailor’s pocket for good measure!

Whilst still inclined to use her good looks and innocent persona to get what she wants in life, she has in recent times tended to lend her aid to help the poor at the expense of the wealthy.  Her quests have led her in direct conflict to the agents of Mordor, giving her new purpose.  She hopes one day to return to Dale with her head held high.

Of Pashzaar Berry (Woman of Gondor) – Lore Master and Explorer

No-one fully knows from where Pashzaar came from, including herself.  It is said that she woke for the first time naked amongst the sands of Harad, as a fully grown woman.  Confused and scared, she wondered the lands of the east until she was found and housed by the people of Dol Amroth.  She dwelt there for some time, learning the speach of the people, their customs and manners.  It was also at that time that she discovered that she possessed great powers and the ability to control nature, as if she was truly at one with the land.

As she slowly began to nurture these powers, the people of Dol Amroth began to believe that she was infact one of the istari.  Dressed in black, or sometimes wandering the lands dressed as a beggar, she travelled from region to region with her trusty blood-raven assisting the people of Middle Earth in their battles against the rising power in the east.  Pashzaar is a woman of few words, but her expressions alone can tell many tales.

Of Pasheila (Dwarf-woman of the Lonely Mountain) – Rune Keeper and Explorer

It is quite rare for dwarf women to be seen, to such an extent that many have questioned whether there is such a thing.  Pasheila is, however, one of the few dwarf women to have not only ventured forth from her home, but also to have the propensity for adventure and exploration.  Together with her friend Dorralin, the wife of Pashrin Skullcrusher, she has vowed to make sure that the pages of future tales can reflect on the heroics of dwarven women.


Of Pashwyl Calenard (Woman of Rohan) – Captain

Pashwyl rode out of Rohan with the intention of experiencing as many of the sights of Middle Earth as she could.  She was however torn in this ambition, as her parents had always seen her as a captain of men, due to her kind but commanding nature.

She found that she was often followed by an eager herald called Bert, who first glanced upon her beauty following a brief encounter whilst visiting the Shire.  Whilst Bert is aware that the feeling of love is not mutual, he has vowed to protect her until the bitter end.  Pashwyl enjoys his company, but only as a friend.  She also likes the fact that he does everything that she says, regardless of the peril.

Of Pashosi (Dwarf of the Grey Mountains) – Hunter and Explorer

Pashosi is a wise old dwarf that equally enjoys fighting the spawn of Mordor and exploring the places of his fore-fathers.  Whilst he is always eager to wield an axe, he has developed a rare dwarven attitude for the bow.

Like all dwarves, he is always keen to hear the sound of metal being treated and the heat of the forge.  Whilst he is agreeable to any actions that may reduce the foes of his people, he has generally preferred the company of his own kind.  However, as the third age draws towards its end, he bomes embroiled in the battles against Sauron, and is soon dedicated to helping the free peoples of Middle Earth.

Of Pashtunk (Hobbit of the Stoors) – Warden and Explorer

From a young age, Pashtunk was always getting into trouble.  From stealing Gaffer Gamgee’s apples, to ‘borrowing’ Gandalf’s fireworks.  There was never any malice in these acts however, he just always had too much adventure and energy.

As he grew older, he learnt to control his mischievious nature, instead channelling his adrenalin into becoming a warden.  He dreams of one day fighting on the front-line, despite his limited stature.  In the meantime, he has been recruited as a bounder in the Shire.  He is as often seen propping up the bar in the Green Dragon (or indeed any other inn!) as he is patrolling the borders of Hobbiton.  And he is still occasionally prone to raiding the Gaffer’s apples!

Of Pashrandir (Mirkwood Elf) – Minstrel and Explorer

Pashrandir became disillusioned by his home in Mirkwood, as the dark powers of Dol Guldur grew ever strong.  He left, vowing not to return there again to settle until such time as it could return to the beauty of Greenwood the Great.

A keen minstrel and poet, Pashrandir travelled from town to town, earning the renown from the locals for his impromptu renditions of verse.

Of Pashkuil (Man of Gondor) – Champion and Armsman

Following the murder of his lover Eowarlyn on the eve of their wedding, Pashkuil vowed to seek out and eradicate injustice whenever he should meet it.

Becoming a recluse, he left Gondor, heading west and settling in the Chetwood.  Here he robbed from the Blackwolds and other petty thieves, returning the coins to the poor.

Whilst he knows that he will never truly be able to avenge Eowarlyn’s death as he knows not the killer’s name, he takes greater pleasure at his growing reputation as a cloaked avenger.  From the shadows he comes, with his two blades held high.



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