The Bridge of Khazad-dum

How very selfish of the Company to make the route I wanted to take impassable!  Following the route religiously would have had me leaving the 21st Hall straight in to the place of Balin’s Tomb.  Unfortunately however I couldn’t manage to scale the rubble!  Instead I was forced to take a long walk through Moria, battling Orcs, Goblins and Wargs every few footsteps.

As if that lengthened route wasn’t enough, I was also unable to stroll along the bridge of Khazad-dum due to the little matter of Gandalf’s battle with the balrog.  However, I couldn’t leave this place without witnessing the fantastic view from the ruins of the bridge.  I did find myself feeling a little nervous with that gaping void below me!

It was with great pleasure that I left Moria and at last could witness some proper sunlight again.  I passed through the Dimril Dale and made my way to the outskirts of Lothlorien.  Throughout the whole of Middle Earth that I have witnessed, nothing can prepare you for the spectacular beauty that the golden wood presents.  Luckily for me, I have befriended the elves already (I know a few adventurers that have fallen foul of their arrows as they attempted to enter the woods uninvited) and Haldir and company welcomed me with open arms.

Pashbo Proudfeet


About The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society

The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society is a small kin located on the Gilrain server of Lord of the Rings Online. It was formed by guardian dwarf Pashrin Skullcrusher, in dedication to both the deceased petty dwarf Mim, and those dwarves of Thorin's company that narrowly avoided becoming a troll's supper. Although a small kin, it's members are busy questing and crafting, whether helping out the company of the one ring, or brewing up a state of the art cup of tea. And you don't have to be a dwarf to join in their adventures.......
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