The Thief Turned Ally

Sometimes fate can be a very funny thing.  I was working hard in the Ivy Bush, as ever.  The usual handful of drinkers were there, including young Robin Smallburrow.  I was chatting away, when I became aware of movement behind me.  Turning around, I noticed a dwarf had sneaked in and was helping himself to a Thistleberry Brew.  Naturally I scolded him, and he soon apologised, stating that he had been trying to get my attention for ages.  Well us hobbits do enjoy a good chat!

Anyway, one thing led to another and we were soon sat sharing stories.  It just so happened that Kinmur (for that was the dwarf’s name) had returned from an adventure in some place called the Lone Lands.  Would you believe it, he happened to mention that he had been travelling with a hobbit – none other than my missing husband Pashbo!

I was obviously fuming.  Kinmur was very courteous and offered to escort me to the Lone Lands, but did warn me that he is probably long gone now.  I am quite tempted, although the thought of adventure does not have the same level of interest to me, but…….. well I just have too much work to do here.

Pashanor Proudfeet

About The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society

The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society is a small kin located on the Gilrain server of Lord of the Rings Online. It was formed by guardian dwarf Pashrin Skullcrusher, in dedication to both the deceased petty dwarf Mim, and those dwarves of Thorin's company that narrowly avoided becoming a troll's supper. Although a small kin, it's members are busy questing and crafting, whether helping out the company of the one ring, or brewing up a state of the art cup of tea. And you don't have to be a dwarf to join in their adventures.......
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