The Ring Goes South pt 11

All of a sudden it has become quite clear to me why it is so cold!  My travelling for today has ended with me looking out on the cold peaks of the Misty Mountains.  Now I should know the names of each of the peaks, having spent an evening with Pashrin Skullcrusher the dwarf where he insisted on informing me of the complete history of Durin’s folk.  I don’t think that he noticed me snoozing.  One of them is quite possibly Caradhas, which is where I am heading.

One thing is for sure, the peaks don’t look very inviting.  Now Moria may not be the most pleasant of places, but could it really be worse than those freezing cold mountains?  Hmm maybe.  The company obviously thought so!

Anyway, I shall end my travels here for the night.  In the cold.  Oh for one of those nice yule scarfs that I have heard mention of!

Pashbo Proudfeet


About The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society

The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society is a small kin located on the Gilrain server of Lord of the Rings Online. It was formed by guardian dwarf Pashrin Skullcrusher, in dedication to both the deceased petty dwarf Mim, and those dwarves of Thorin's company that narrowly avoided becoming a troll's supper. Although a small kin, it's members are busy questing and crafting, whether helping out the company of the one ring, or brewing up a state of the art cup of tea. And you don't have to be a dwarf to join in their adventures.......
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