The Ring Goes South pt 6

I have at last made my way into Eregion, and it is such a beautiful place.  I have spotted a few Wood Trolls strolling about, and I aim to cut them down to size tomorrow, after a rest.  They will make some fine fire wood I am sure.  The cold chill from the Misty Mountains is still present, so any warmth that I can generate will be most welcome.

As I came to journeys end for the night, I found myself a nice view point looking out over Gwingis to sit and enjoy a nice pint of ale.  I have carried this all the way from Rivendell, so that I can welcome in the New Year.  It has been very tempting the last few nights to drink it, both because I have been feeling a bit down (especially after the tumble yesterday!) and also to reduce my baggage.  But anyway, I am now glad that I waited, and am enjoying a good drink as I reflect upon the past year and contemplate the good (if hard) times ahead.

Happy New Year to you all!

Pashbo Proudfeet


About The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society

The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society is a small kin located on the Gilrain server of Lord of the Rings Online. It was formed by guardian dwarf Pashrin Skullcrusher, in dedication to both the deceased petty dwarf Mim, and those dwarves of Thorin's company that narrowly avoided becoming a troll's supper. Although a small kin, it's members are busy questing and crafting, whether helping out the company of the one ring, or brewing up a state of the art cup of tea. And you don't have to be a dwarf to join in their adventures.......
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