A Long Expected Party

Happy Birthday to me, Happy Birthday to me………

Yes, its true, today is the birthday of Pashbo Proudfeet. Quite co-incidentally, may I add, today is also the birth day of both Bilbo and Frodo Baggins. I therefore have been enjoying the day with more cupcakes then I usually do (and being a supreme cook, with kindred status in the cooking guild I can assure you that I do scoff more then my fair share of cake!!) whilst putting together the final planning for my great quest.

Ah yes, my great quest! Following on from my trek last year where I retraced the steps of Frodo Baggins on his quest to destroy the one ring, starting on September 23rd. Each night I stopped as near as I could to the same spot as Frodo, using the book “The Journeys of Frodo” as a guide, until I arrived at Lothlorien.

Having enjoyed it so much, I decided to again take the journey. So I am stocking up on Perfect Pies, and retracing the maps. Last year I think I made a slight mistake in terms of my approach to Hollin, which I will rectify this year. I also plan to use this as an opportunity to finish a few quests on the way that have remained unfinished.

I will write down my diary entries here each night, explaining where I am and sharing any adventures that I may have on the way.

Until then, I will celebrate with my daughter Ruby Rae at Bagend. Maybe even persuade her to accompany me for the early stages!

Pashbo Proudfeet

About The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society

The Pesky Dwarf Preservation Society is a small kin located on the Gilrain server of Lord of the Rings Online. It was formed by guardian dwarf Pashrin Skullcrusher, in dedication to both the deceased petty dwarf Mim, and those dwarves of Thorin's company that narrowly avoided becoming a troll's supper. Although a small kin, it's members are busy questing and crafting, whether helping out the company of the one ring, or brewing up a state of the art cup of tea. And you don't have to be a dwarf to join in their adventures.......
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2 Responses to A Long Expected Party

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  2. Meric says:

    Happy Birthday!

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